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Basement Office Ideas


This is the Internet age and more people than ever are working from home and/or have home offices. We now have computers, printers, fax machines, and and all sorts of other office type gadgets. It is very different now than it was 10 to 15 years ago and because of all this, many people need an office in their house.

One of the best basement ideas is to turn it into an office. Your basement is a separate place away from the rest of the house that is quite where you can concentrate on work. The fact that it is away from the other rooms in the house in also nice because it allows you to not combine your work life with your real life. When you have work to do, you have a place to go to do it and when you are finished, you can leave the work behind.

Basement Mold And Moisture

When considering a basement office, you first need to make sure the room is mold free and dry. This is a common problem with basements because they are often cool, dark, and damp for much of the year. You may have to buy a dehumidifier and get a professional contractor in there to clean things up and make them livable. You will want to make sure you go over all the basement waterproofing ideas so that your machines and health will be safe.

Basement Office Heating

If you are going to spend time down in your basement office in the winter, you will soon realize that it is freezing down there. Depending on where you live, whether your basement is in the ground, and other factors, you may also find it is cool in the summer too. Basement heating is always a problem and the central heating in your home may not do the job.

Because your basement is probably disproportionately cold compared to the rest of your house, cranking the heat may adequately heat your basement office but it might make it way to hot for the rest of the house. That is why you might have to install a separate heating system or unit with it’s own thermostat do deal with the cold. If you can turn on the heat downstairs and not affect the temperature in the rest of the house you will have the most ideal situation.

Basement Office Lighting

Most basements don’t have very much natural lighting. If your basement is underground it won’t have any windows at all and even if is is above ground, it will probably only have one small window. This makes basement office lighting a very important problem to overcome.

Working in a place that is too dark is bad for your eyes and your productivity. Therefore, you need to make sure you install enough overhead lights to make it sure you have a well lit working environment. Remember, offices have rows and rows of fluorescent lights on the ceilings and they are typically very bright. These bright lights help people work to peak proficiency and your basement office should likewise have ample lighting.

Basement Ventilation

If you are going to use your basement as an office, you should make sure it has ample ventilation. Remove any health hazards such as paint cans or other things that might have fumes or smells that could be dangerous and annoying. You need to have some sort of source of fresh air and in order to get that you could add a window or a door to the outside. Make sure your basement is dry and has clean air in it at all times.

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