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Basement Storage Ideas


One of the most common basement ideas is to use it for some kind of storage. This is where the boxes of old memorabilia and childhood memories often get stored and seldom see the light of day in homes where the basement is unfinished. Even if you have a nice finished basement, you might want to use a section of it to store things you don’t have room for upstairs.

Basements are cool and damp and this can present a problem that has to be addressed. If your basement is not water proof or it is moist during the winter, some of the things you store can be ruined over the years. Of course you will also want to keep your basement dry just for the sake of preserving the house as well. If you are going to use your basement for any kind of storage, make sure you figure out how to keep the stored things dry so they don’t get ruined.

A more recent development that people are getting involved in is basement survival storage. With economic conditions deteriorating and the general health of the world economy going south, more and more people are afraid of what is to come. There are now many companies that will sell prepackaged meals, water, and anything else you can think of for you to buy just in case there is some sort of long drawn out emergency such as 9/11 where the world stands still. Many folks like to have lots of survival backup in their garage or basement so they can hopefully wait out any disaster whether it be man made or the act of God.

To get the most out of any basement space, shelves can be installed or built that will maximize the space and make everything easily accessible. Storing things in boxes is the easy way but it is definitely not the most efficient. A good basement shelving system can be bought at most home improvement stores for a reasonable price.

You can also purchase either plastic or metal shelves that are stand alone and can be assembled in minutes. Lowes and Home Depot have shelves like these and they can make your basement storage a lot more organized. Additionally, if you use shelves rather than piling boxes on top of each other, it will look much better if you want to use another part of the basement for some other use.

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